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U Sein Win

(Senior Consultant)

  • MSc (Sustainable Energy Systems and Management),
  • BE(Mechanical)

Years of Experience in EIA – > 2 Years

Dynamic and motivated professional currently working in Environmental Compliance Consultancy industry with:

  • <10 years’ experience as Energy and GHG (Greenhouse Gas) Manager SCEM (Singapore Certified Energy Manager) Green Power Asia Pte Ltd
  • <1 year’ experience as Consultant, CDM (Clean Development Mechanism) & GREET (Grant for Energy Efficient Technologies) Green Power Asia Pte Ltd,
  • <1 year’ experience as Project Manager, The Greentechno International Pte. Ltd
  • <2 years’ experience as Senior Engineer (Biomass), SPDIC Technologies Pte. Ltd
  • >1 year’ experience as Automotive Engineer (Research and Development), Current Technologies Pte. Ltd
  • <8 years’ experience as Engineer (Research and Development), Myanma Scientific and Technological Research Department (MSTRD)
  • <14 years’ experience as Lecturer, Dept. of Mechanical Engineering, Yangon Technological University

Area of expertise

  1. Clean Development Mechanism (CDM)
  2. Mechanical Engineering
  3. Environmental Engineering- Sustainable Energy Systems and Management (Wind Energy, Solar Energy and Hydro Power)
  4. Certified Energy Manager in Singapore